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Dan of the Dead


Peace is shattered and chaos reigns when Zombies strike in this apocalyptic thriller!! Dan, a recovering alcoholic, and his wife Dawn, are celebrating their first anniversary when Dawn is savagely attacked in their home and is turned into  a zombie!!! Dan seeks solace in his old friend... whisky!!! Being chased out of his house by the infested creatures, he finds shelter in the nearest public toilets. It is here where we start the film. Dan is in hiding and taking a moment to realise what has just happened, whilst supping on a bottle of whisky. Dan’s moment of peace is disturbed when he is confronted by a brain thirsty zombie. He has to think on his feet and try his best to kill the zombie in the drunken state he has got himself into.

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I have recently set up my own YouTube channel which is around my life and what I get up to on a day to day basis. Please check it out as Stop-Motion will be a major feature within the videos. Like, Share and Subscribe!!!